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Since 2015

As parents of 2 mischievous kids, we realised as they grow up, finding kids items is no easy task. Kids products of Good quality lacks severely in the local market. We at BabyBucks do have the opportunity to find and source items at a reasonable price.

So as a small store we decided to embark in sourcing and helping you. By Carefully Selecting items, we strive for ” Quality and Affordability” which will “help their Growth” as a child. As parents we all want to give our kids the best and the safest products . Something that will make them enjoy and bring excitement to their faces. So at BabyBucks, all we want is to strive to find those Quality items at the most Reasonable prices. We want to understand your needs and help you find the best and safest products. So that you can enjoy seeing those happy faces on your journey of parenthood.

At BabyBucks we hope to achieve this and make a positive impact to you and your family.

You can also contact us for bulk orders or personalized toys.

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